Scuba Diving for the first time?

Experience the thrill of scuba diving

Explore breathtaking marine life

Float weightlessly among colourful coral reefs

Scuba diving is not just a sport, it's a doorway to a new world

You will never forget that first breath you take underwater

How to Get Started

Discover Scuba Diving

If you want to try scuba diving, but you're not quite ready to take the plunge into a scuba certification course, then a half-day experience called Discover Scuba Diving is just the thing for you. It takes pleace in a pool and has an optional open water (ocean) dive. It's a quick and easy way to find out if you like scuba diving.

Open Water Diver

A scuba diving certification or Open Water Diver certification allows you to dive anywhere in the world. Similar to driving a car, scuba diving requires specific knowledge, skills and training. A PADI Open Water Diver certification is your passport to underwater adventure.


Coming back from a long break? If you haven't been diving in more than 6 months and want to refresh your skills, the ReActivate Scuba Refresher Program is an easy and convenient way to review the fundamental scuba diving knowledge and techniques.

Why Dive with ADI

1400+ PADI divers certified

11+ Years of Experience

Since becoming a PADI dive centre, ADI certified over 1000 divers, many who continued their diving journey to become divemasters, instructors, technical divers and commercial divers.

Full scuba equipment provided

No hidden fees

We provide complete scuba equipment with all entry-level courses. This includes mask, snorkel, fins & booties!

The course fee is what you pay, no hidden fees.

We believe "scuba diving is for everyone". So no need to buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment before you even get in the water.

ScubaPro Professional Diving Equipment

Premium rental fleet

We pride ourselves in quality! We believe quality equipment is a major part of a quality dive course, therefore we have chosen ScubaPro professional dive equipment as our rental equipment!

We teach PADI

The Way the World Learns to Dive

PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most recognised dive training organisation worldwide with 29 million certifications and counting. PADI Dive Instructors undergo rigorous training to ensure your scuba certification class is fun and safe.

100% AWARE Dive Centre

Giving back to marine conservation

We donate $10 to PADI AWARE foundation for every PADI course we teach, in support of the protection of the underwater world and to combat the ocean's greatest challenges. In addition, we adopted and conduct regular clean up dives at these sites in effort of reducing marine debris.

What You Will Learn

Safety First

How to dive safely,
for yourself and your buddy.


How to use your equipment to breathe
underwater and maintain your depth.

Underwater Environment

What the affect is on your body
when you are deep underwater.

Hand Signals

How to communicate with
your buddies underwater.

Situation Handling

What to do when something goes wrong,
like your mask comes off.

Marine Life

How to identify and preserve
marine life with safe diving practices.

Scuba Lessons for Kids

If your child is at least 8 years old, a fun and exciting way for them to experience scuba diving is to enroll them in the Bubblemaker or Seal Team program.

The Bubblemaker Program is an experience program in a pool that is as fun as it sounds - a chance for kids to blow bubbles underwater while scuba diving!

The PADI Seal Team program is a multi-session pool program that covers basic scuba diving skills and action-packed AquaMissions.

Kids 10 years or older can take the Open Water Diver course and earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification.