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We are dedicated to providing safe and eco-friendly scuba diving experiences.

Australian Diving Instruction

A premier PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Geelong, serving the diving community in Geelong and Melbourne West.

Our dedicated team of instructors and divemasters are committed to providing the highest quality scuba diving training, whether it is your first time exploring the underwater world, or looking to improve your experience and skills! We offer a full range of PADI courses, from beginner learn to dive program to instructor training & technical diving. Learn to scuba dive in your languages including English, Chinese & French.

We are proud to be an authorised ScubaPro dealer and service centre, offering the best professional dive equipment. Other services include: air fill, Nitrox fill, scuba equipment servicing, scuba cylinder hydrostatic testing, guided boat dives, guided shore dives and nationally accredited first aid and CPR training delivered via PADI RTO.

Our dive club welcomes all scuba divers from all levels of experience and all backgrounds with open arms. All divers, non-divers, friends and family of divers are welcomed to participate in our club events and be part of our big family.

40 Years of Australian Diving Instruction Continues…

1984 The original founders Stephen and Kathleen Mabbett founded Australian Diving Instruction, a dive club to promote scuba diving and to support the local divers community.
1994 ADI opened its dive store on Melbourne Road.
2012 ADI became a PADI dive centre.
2018 The current owner Ting Ting Lee joined ADI as a PADI instructor and was actively involved in the club activities.
2023 The original founders Stephen and Kathleen Mabbett made the decision to retire and shut down ADI. To see the legacy of her diving family continue, Ting restarted the new ADI at the Corio Quay Road premise and became the next ADI torchbearer with the motto "scuba diving is for everyone".

Meet Our Team

Get to know the people behind our dive center.


Ting Ting Lee

PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Tec Deep Instructor


Bruce Annear

PADI IDC Staff Instructor


Ian Wheatley

PADI IDC Staff Instructor


Alexander Harrison

PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Tec Deep Instructor


John Li

PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Tec Instructor


Vincenzo Occhipinti

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Colin Moore

PADI Assistant Instructor


Rachel Price

PADI Assistant Instructor
UW Photography Instructor


Corinne Telford

PADI Divemaster


Prue Allen

PADI Divemaster


Peter McIntosh

PADI Divemaster


Brad Simcoe

PADI Divemaster


Ashley Stevens

PADI Divemaster Candidate


Evren Velisha

PADI Divemaster Candidate


Stephen Mabbett

Retired PADI Master Instructor
Service Technician

Recognised for excellence in scuba training and services


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scuba diving, and the local diving environment.

Scuba diving, when conducted properly, is a relatively safe activity. However, as with any sport or recreational activity, there are inherent risks. The safety of diving largely depends on the proper training, adherence to safety protocols, and responsible behavior of the divers.

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You can book in for a Discover Scuba Diving experince to try scuba diving. For this you do not need a certification. However, beyond this, a certification is typically required for scuba diving. This certification ensures that you have received the necessary training to dive safely and are familiar with the equipment and procedures involved in scuba diving.

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